Monday, July 14, 2008

Knitter's cover surprise

I had a happy surprise when I received my latest issue of Knitter's magazine: my sweater on the cover! If you don't subscribe to the magazine, you can see it here:

This sweater was a bit of a chore for me. Two of the yarn colors were on back order so I didn't receive them until the day before I left on vacation. I hurriedly knit a gauge swatch to be able to figure out my pattern so I could knit all the way to Florida. "Hurriedly" being the operative word here...I was way off in my gauge when I was knitting in a more relaxed manner in the car. So, I had to frog several inches, rework my pattern and start over!

I was ever so glad to put it in the mail after vacation (unlike the bamboo sweater I did for the Winter 2007 issue...I hated to part with that one!)


Melissa said...

Congratulations! I saw the cover last week and have been meaning to drop you a line!

amy said...